The Winchester School, Gardens

Jan-15 to Mar-31

Regent International School, Greens

Jan-5 to Mar-30

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Iranian Club, Oud Metha

Jan-4 to Mar-31

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Optional Annual Membership:

Annual membership (AED 500+VAT) is optional but highly recommended considering the host of benefits not least being a 20% discount on package prices.  Click here to check out the full list of membership benefits.  Non-members will still receive the same, high quality training but will have to specify their schedule upfront and can reschedule up to 2 classes each term (subject to availability). 

To sign up, click the links to submit Player Registration & COVID-19 Declaration Forms

Private 1-on-1 badminton coaching

1-session AED 250

5-sessions AED 1000

10-sessions AED 1750

All sessions are of 60mins duration

Court cost is NOT included in prices shown

Client to provide court after confirmation of coach's availability by PSA

Prices are subject to 5% VAT unless otherwise specified

Shuttles will be provided by PSA

5 & 10-sessions packages to be completed 1-month and 2-months from date of first class respectively

For Private Group Coaching please get in touch with us on +971-52-9078179 or email

In-School and After-School Coaching Programme

Depending on the school’s schedule and objectives, PSA will develop an optimum model of engagement to deliver agreed outcome goals.  This engagement can take the form a curriculum based, in-school training programme across various grades using the regular PE periods to deliver training.  Another model could be an after-school programme.  A hybrid model combining the two is also possible wherein some in-school students will be encouraged to attend after-school sessions.  We can build a model suited to your needs.  Please get in touch with us on +971-52-9078179 or email to arrange a meeting. 

GCSE Badminton Prep & Exam Moderation

Working closely with the school PE team, PSA prepares students for their badminton GCSE examination based on the curriculum provided by the GCSE board.  PSA can assist the PE Team in moderating and conducting the examination as per GCSE guidelines.  

To find out how PSA can engage with your school for GCSE badminton prep and exam moderation, please get in touch with us on +971-52-9078179 or email